Reasons To Love Ballroom Dancing

People of all ages enjoy TV shows like Dancing With The Stars and are often considering ballroom dancing, which is exactly what this show illustrates.. There is a huge interest in ballroom dancing which is bringing back steps such as those seen in the Fox Trot to a whole new generation. Dancing not only is an excellent form of physical exercise, but it also teaches coordination. As a matter of fact, many athletes are trained in dancing because of the coordination it takes to perform. Thus, ballroom dancing for all ages is not just a way for people to display dancing abilities. Ballroom dancing can also teach people confidence and sharpen mental skills.

The reality is that a guy will unlikely look great when he initially attempts to dance. He will certainly then stress over exactly how he looks when dancing for the first time socially. Do you truly believe that you should spend your life worrying about what others think? Working through such a negative belief towards a goal of adequate proficiency is an excellent challenge for any guy. Ballroom dancing offers an excellent opportunity for a guy to show he is a real man up for a challenge. Women love that fearlessness.

Professional private lessons are simple and can take anyone, from a newbie, to a person with some experience and make them a much better dancer. Those who have actually always wanted to learn the best ways to dance can do so when registering at a ballroom studio. Spouseswho want to get their wife, husband, or significant other into an activity that will certainly teach them the best ways to move on the dance floor in a way that exudes self-confidence can do so when they get them a gift certificate for an appropriate ballroom course. Those who visit actual dance studios tend to get better from courses from professionals who are trained in the fine art of dancing and can also participate,sometimes, in showcases or competitions in the future. These activities are thrilling and are judged or critiqued based on age category and level of experience. They are a great way to improve very quickly.

Dancing can be an enjoyable way to reduce weight and get into shape. Just check out the possibility for burning calories? Burn 309 calories with simply one hour of Ballet, Tap or Freestyle, 290 calories with Country Line Dancing or Swing and 193 calories with the Waltz.

You will most likely agree by now that dancing can do absolute wonders for your social life. Google your local ballroom dance studios and begin trying to find classes in which to enroll in ballroom dancing. Remember to give yourself ample time to build a foundation and remember that some instructors specialize in teaching beginners. Make the journey a fun one with lots of friends along the way.


Ediquette and Ballroom dancing at Orchard Gardens

Pardon Me But….

Over the past couple of years there has been a great increase in the interest of partner dancing. The enthusiasm is fantastic but from what I’ve seen lately, one key element of dance seems to be lacking proper etiquette and good manners.

1) Do you when asking someone to dance

a) Stand beside the person looking like you want to dance

b) Extend your hand to say “would you like to dance the foxtrot?” to identify the dance.

c) Ask the person who brought him/her if they mind if you dance with their date.

2) At the conclusion of the dance do you

a) Leave your partner on the floor

b) Walk your partner to the edge of the floor to his or her seat

c) Thank and compliment your partner

d) Turn away from your partner and say to others. You’ve done your duty for the day.

3) When declining a dance do you

a) Laugh in his/her face or roll your eyes

b) Lightly decline (I’m sorry I’m taking a break or say thank you I’m sorry I promised the dance to someone else.

c) Say “no” and turn your head

d) Jump up and grab someone else

4) If you know you have a problem with perspiration do you

a) Ignore it and wonder why people won’t dance with you

b) Bring a small towel or a change of clothes

c) Laugh it off and let people deal with it

We all wear some form of deodorant don’t we?

If you answered “b” to these questions I would be thrilled to have you attend my dances. If not think about what it feels like to be the recipient of these actions-NOT GOOD. Remember the golden rule applies to dancing and all situations in life.

Ballroom dancing at Orchard Gardens
Ballroom dancing at Orchard Gardens

Roxbury, MA – 5.22.13 As fifth-graders at the Orchard Gardens School in Lower Roxbury learn math and history, they also are learning how to waltz. The K-8 sc…

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Move Like a Champion This Summer!

This spring I had the opportunity to attend a series of workshops to help improve my dancing with Melanie Dale. It was a full day of detailed technical instruction and expressive movement in Virginia led by Diane Jarmolow, founder of the Ballroom Teacher’s College and San Francisco’s Metronome Ballroom.

Champions In the workshops entitled “Move Like a Champion”, we were entertained by a plastic skeleton in which Diane cheerfully maneuvered to explain the different idiosyncrasies of ballroom movement. She explained things like the proper curvature of the spine and the correct points of contact for partner dancing. We were also introduced to an exercise to increase rotation and flexibility in the spine and another to help teachers pass on the complicated Cuban motion to students. Throughout the day we received a breakdown of the basic movements and touched on styling that is essential for prospering in competitive ballroom and helpful for anyone who is interested in improving their dancing.

I am thankful for the time out to learn how body moves in ballroom and think the classes are helpful for any dancer and especially teachers who would like to better understand quality movement. After completing the workshops, I understand the basic frame that is essential between two people to dance together. This alone makes the workshop worth the time and expense.
Melanie wasted no time as she began putting Diane’s teaching to use when we returned. She shared her gleanings with the staff during a training session on Tuesday and has led a workshop for about a dozen students interested in improving their ballroom dancing. The staff and students enjoyed isolating muscles and playing with finger styling sticks and other tools. By popular demand, she plans to teach another workshop in the next couple of weeks and may even open it up to the public. We hope to see you there!

Thank you for reading and contributing to our Ballroom Studio!

Written by: Sunny


Your Wedding Dance Significantly Impacts Your Wedding!

Your first dance is so important! This is the first time you will dance as a married couple and this makes for a very special memory. It is great for this dance to be remembered as graceful and meaningful. Couples enjoy preparing for their big day and this includes the wedding dance. Picture1Dancing is a great way to get the groom involved in the wedding preparation. The grooms often get left out of wedding preparations and they are half of the marriage! Dancing together will give you more pleasant memories of your wedding planning process!

       Your wedding dances give you an opportunity to show off your personalities including the personalities of your families if you    decide to do a mother-son dance and/or a father-daughter dance.

      Wedding dances entertain your guests and put everyone at ease so that they can dance and enjoy themselves without inhibition.. The couple with the most dancing usually has the happiest guests!

Do you know what you’re missing at your wedding?

Wed1stDanceDisasterTHE Big First Dance!   This has become a fantastic trend, a "you-tube" and guest favorite.    What do you think of it - is it something you would do? Or are you more apt to stick to the traditional type of "first dance".  Either way, you should take some lessons.   Showy?  Hip?  Traditional? Slow or Fast? Did you know the FOXTROT is the most popular wedding dance?

You spend a lot of time and money to make your wedding dreams come true. The average Wedding Cake in the Raleigh area costs about $4-$10 per person, DJ’s can be anywhere from $600 to $2500! Then add your flowers, catering, venue, photographer/videographer, DRESS and more.

After all that, you want to be sure YOU and YOUR GUESTS enjoy it all.   Your ENTRANCE, First Dance are among the most important parts of a reception.
A lot of people leave it to chance and don’t plan more than the song.   Your first dance should reflect your personalities and allow you to set the tone for your reception.

We can work with you to insure your dance works well with your dress, venue, and YOUR personalities and wishes.   A FEW lessons can make all the difference!  Call us and ask about our wedding consultation – 919-781-6868

or visit A Step to Gold website for more info on wedding and other dances we teach.

What to Wear when Stepping to Gold

A common question a new dancer asks is “What should I wear for my first dance lesson?” To answer that question, the dress at A Step to Gold Ballroom is dressy casual and a little more dressed up for parties. For those who would like a few more guidelines, here are my suggestions.

Beginning with the ladies, we recommend wearing something comfortable whether for a lesson or party. Many women wear slacks as well as skirts or dresses to both lessons and parties. It may be necessary to wear comfortable shorts under your skirt or dress if it rises when spinning. Women wear all types of tops but it may be best to wear short sleeve knitted tops or cotton shirts to keep cool. Shoes with a low or medium heel with lea

Personally I enjoy dressing up for the parties with a skirt and jewelry.THE REAL PICTURE

For men attending their 1st lesson and party, they usually wear slacks or even jeans.  Think casual but neat.  The biggest concern is shoes.  Men should wear shoes that will slide across the floor.  Sneakers and flip flips are not functional. Professional dress shoes are fine, loafers or even Sperry’s (boat shoes) work.  After beginning lessons, men might consider ballroom dance shoes as they are more comfortable and create a smoother glide on the floor.

blog 1bBlog 1aThe best advice I can give is to not allow wardrobe issues to keep you from dancing. Dressing up is enjoyable to some but again it is not necessary for dancers at any level. For those who do like to dress up do not worry about being overdressed because there is a wide variety of dress , especially at parties. We look forward to dancing with you!

Want to know why so many people dance?

Dancing has been around forever….. It’s fun, a great way to stay in shape, keeps people smiling and young at heart.  Dance spans the ages. ANYONE can learn to dance.

If you ever wanted to see if taking dance lessons is for you, visit A Step to Gold’s NEWCOMER Night tonight.  – (7:30 -9m) Class and party are open to the public and designed for beginners.  All are welcome to watch or learn, make new friends, a great opportunity to meet us, our teachers and ask all those questions you’ve wanted to ask.

7:30 to 8:15 – Basic elements are taught and several dances are introduced. This class gives students a sample of ballroom and social dancing.

The party gives  newcomers a chance to practice what they learned in the class right before. It’s  a favorite with students of the studio giving them a chance to practice with their instructors and  other students.

Visit ASTG website for more information on what we offer. Located near Crabtree Mall, in Pleasant Valley, Glenwood Avnue, Raleigh.